Wisconsin Electric Transformer Service and Repair

Electrical TransformersPower Transformer Repair Minimizes Downtime 

Power transformers are the heart of your electrical system. Although one of the most reliable components in a power system, the transformer is by no means immune to failure. And because they play such a key role, unexpected transformer failures can be disastrous for your business.

To minimize the possibility of outages and downtime, AIMS recommends routine inspections, testing and maintenance to identify any potential problems before they cause a unit to fail. Often, there are warning signs which raise a red flag. If the problem is identified early enough, the transformer can usually be repaired—a far better option than having to replace an irreparably damaged transformer.

AIMS engineers have extensive experience diagnosing, maintaining and repairing power transformers. We provide cost-effective preventive and predictive maintenance solutions to help ensure the reliability of all components in your electrical power systems. AIMS provides transformer commissioning and startup services, installations, replacements and upgrades.

Transformer Liquid Analysis and Processing

Oils and fluids inside transformers insulate them from the stresses of high voltage. Over time, these fluids will deteriorate. They can also become contaminated due to leaking seals and corrosion--to the point of becoming a sludge that coats the windings, decreasing the system’s cooling capacity and degrading the insulation system to the extent that performance is noticeably compromised. An accurate analysis of the oil and fluids inside is essential to evaluate the transformer’s operating efficiency.

Part of AIMS’ preventive maintenance regime includes routine filtering and purification of these fluids. By processing the essential fluids, we can restore dielectric strength and insulation capabilities. We can perform this service at your site using our mobile processing equipment. For optimum performance and avoidance of downtime, we recommend our preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

Contact our Wisconsin transformer maintenance and repair specialists for more information on our service programs.
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