Manufacture, Refurbish and Repair Liquid Rheostats

AIMS Liquid Rheostat Services Provide Solid Support for Industry

Liquid rheostatLiquid rheostats are most commonly used to control AC wound rotor motor systems and to dissipate heat build-up in these motors during start up, but are also used to test generator output. Liquid rheostat tanks are basically a variable resistor. Electrodes are raised and lowered in a soda ash solution to change the resistance in the rotor circuit of a wound rotor motor. In some designs, the electrodes are stationary and the fluid level is adjusted to change resistance. Resistance is increased at start up or when there is an increased load on the motor. Liquid rheostats typically provide many years of trouble-free service with proper maintenance, often up to 20 years.

A key part of ensuring liquid rheostats have a long service life is a regular maintenance program. AIMS has the experience and the parts inventory to perform all recommended services—everything from inspections to complete on-site refurbishing of liquid rheostats. We can replace components such as worn electrodes and the coolers, rebuild used liquid rheostats, engineer and install improvements on existing liquid rheostats and even install a new AIMS liquid rheostat.

Building a Better Liquid Rheostat: The AIMS Way.

After servicing and repairing other manufacturer’s liquid rheostats over the years, we realized that there were numerous design features that we would change if we were to design our own liquid rheostats. In 2013, AIMS decided to design and build our own liquid rheostats. Our liquid rheostat design focused on three main areas: functionality, reliability and ease of maintenance. In designing a liquid rheostat from a service shop perspective, we feel that we have achieved a product that will be more reliable and easier to service, a more end user friendly liquid rheostat.

The experienced Power Systems Division engineers at AIMS can also help design a complete system integrating liquid rheostats. You can learn more about our engineering and consulting capabilities on this website.

Liquid Rheostat Services Include:

  • Stocked parts inventory
  • Inspections
  • Electrode changes
  • Rebuild used liquid rheostats
  • New AIMS liquid rheostats
  • On-site refurbishing
  • Engineered improvements on existing liquid rheostats
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